What is Jammy and Jelly Zines?
Jammy and Jelly Zines is a partnership between zine co-moderators Jammy and Jelly. They run multiple projects together for fandom!
Who is Jammy and Jelly?
Jammy (@mangojammyy) and Jelly (@BakedMPotato) are two of the coolest people you will ever meet. 
What's a zine?
The word 'zine' is short for 'fanzine' or 'fan magazine'. It's essentially a collection of works (art, writing, cosplay etc.) that is centered around some fandom theme or original concept! For example, our first two projects, Arise and Iridescent, were both centered around the fandom BNHA and each had their own themes which were fashion and colors respectively.
Where can I purchase your zines?
If our store is currently open, you can check out our current items for sale using the link at the top left of the page :)
How do I join as a contributor?
You can check if we are currently open for applications by checking out our ongoing project/s using the 'Projects' link in the top left of the site :)
How do I contact you if I have any questions?
Please ensure you read this FAQ first, as well as the FAQ of the specific project you are asking the question for (if applicable). If you cannot find the answer to your question in either of these locations feel free to contact us through DMs on Twitter/Tumblr or through our email: [placeholder]
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