Welcome to Jammy and Jelly Zines!
We're a couple of zine co-mods who are just here to create unique fanzines and just to have fun in general! The two of us have been in a number of zines that didn't end up working out, so we decided heck, why don't we just make our own? This website represents the fruits of our labor, so we hope you all enjoy your time here!
About Jammy
Jammy is a millennial trying her best. While avocado toast is great, Jammy prefers eating dessert or spicy foods like that infamous korean fire noodle ramen. She loves being extra and thinking up crazy ideas like starting a zine formatted to look like an actual fashion magazine. What a riot. Whenever she isn't sleeping, eating or playing Love Live, Jammy enjoys hand-lettering, typography and drawing cute things. 
About Jelly
Jelly is a smart and talented potato. She loves mashed potatoes, is excellent at Osu. Supersmart like holy fuck.
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